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Last part of Lorwyn, the tribal themed block has the last half of the colour couples, the enemy one. All the filter lands are re proposed with the enemy combination, as well as the hybrid mana creatures and spells. The filter lands, especially Cascade Bluffs, Fetid Heath and Flooded Grove are commonly used in modern to fix mana spells with huge amounts of specific requirements.


Another good improvement on the graveyard theme is Retrace, an ability on certain spells that can make them played again by paying their mana cost and discarding a land. Cards like Worm Harvest that produces a 1/1 token for each land in the graveyard, or Raven's Crime that makes discarding one card to a target player are used many times with Life from the Loam to reuse the ability and get lands back as well, typical of certain kinds of rock decks. The tribal theme continues as well and with no particular mention of other tribes, Faeries reconfirms itself as the best one with Glen-Elendra Archmage, a flying 2/2 with persist that can be sacrificed by paying one blue to counter any non creature spell.

Another nice blue card is Wake Thrasher, a Merfolk that is seen played in its tribal deck many times due to its ability to attack for huge damage. Outside of blue we have Regal Force, a green fatty seen playing in elf combo, as it lets you draw cards equal to the number of controlled creatures and Figure of Destiny, a white red beater that grows time by time. The liege cycle is present like before, but none of them are particularly strong, with the exception of Balefire Liege that allows you to deal 3 damage to an opponent for each red spell played. The deities of this set are not particularly played as well, Divinity of Pride aside. which is famous for being used a lot in Commander.

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