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As the last piece of the Rath cycle, Exodus remains on the high quality of cards of the two predecessors. It's also the first set that uses the gold, silver and black system for rarity. Some cards have decks built around them because of their power, arriving to be banned for being so strong that making the strategy the only one reliable in the format.


The first couple is Survival of The Fittest and Recurring Nightmare. Survival is a green enchantment that at the cost of one green and discarding a creature searches through your deck for another one and puts it in your hand, like an instant tutor for any coming into play blowout. Recurring Nightmare is a black enchantment that when bounced back in hand, its effect is to exchange one creature in play with one in the graveyard. Both cards worked so good together that the deck was banned in half after winning the World Championship in Standard in that time.


Lately Recurring Nightmare was substituted by another Exodus card, Oath of Ghouls with less efficiency. Another Oath created a deck by itself, Oath of Druids. For the green enchantment, if a player controls less creatures than the other, it mills the library until it finds a creature and puts it in play. This leads to put into play fatty beasts like Verdant Force and using Gaea's Blessing to reshuffle back all the cards. Green also has Manabond, an enchantment that at the end of turn forces you to discard your hand and play all the lands among them, used in Land deck of Legacy.

Mind Over Matter is another enchantment that taps or untaps any permanent at the price of discarding a card, used in conjunction with multiple mana lands like Tolarian Academy. The last two cards are stars of their relative weenie decks. Hatred is a black instant that at five mana gives +X+0 where X is your life point spent, famous for second turn kill using a turn 1 creature and dark rituals to accelerate on turn 2 to give away 19 life and deal 20 damage. Cataclysm is a white sorcery that makes everyone sacrifice every permanent but one of every kind, famous in white weenie to keep a Mox Diamond, a creature, Empyrial Armor and one land to kill and win.

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