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Fallen Empire


After The Dark, Fallen Empires came as a set, but still the quality is lacking a lot. Used to seeing power plays like in Alpha, Arabian Nights and Antiquities, these last sets are trying to compensate the power level with a much exaggerated low profile. If The Dark had so few cards to remember, Fallen Empires has less.


The most representative and impactful one is without any discussion Hymn To Tourach. The two black mana sorcery is uncomparable strong with that cost and with the punchy effect that discards two cards randomly from a player’s hand. Two random cards for two mana are still a huge blow to any player and Legacy uses it as a staple in most of the decks accessing black as a colour.


The other card that became famous later on is High Tide. The one mana blue instant gives you one additional blue when you tap an island to get mana. Combined with Urza's Saga untapping cards, it permits players to save blue until the amount is so high that a single Stroke of Genius gets rid of the opponents’ deck. A normal sequence of 2-3 High Tide in the same turn, with 5 island and untapping up to six for Time Spiral and draw seven is good as a combo deck.

Among minor cards that got played many times, there is also Goblin Grenade to be remembered. The one mana red sorcery transforms a goblin into a five damage to a player, cheap and effective as a last damage to win. Last of the pack are the protected knights. Specular cards, one white protected from black, and black protected from white, they have a +1+0 ability paying two coloured mana and a first strike ability with one. People say that they play them many times in weenie and the black one in some controlling midrange monocoloured build. 

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