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Fifth Dawn


The third Mirrodin set is more about colour than artifacts. The new ability Sunburst gets bonuses for each different colour used for casting some kind of spell or creatures. The first one that pops to the eye are the bringers, powerful creatures and costing as well that can be paid with five different mana instead of the original ones. The green one that makes 3/3 tokens each turn and the black one that does vampiric tutor each upkeep are indeed strong ones.


Speaking of Sunburst, we have many good ones, but none like Engineered Explosives, a card that destroys nonland permanents with mana equal to the counters on it, famous as control card. The second place goes to Pentad Prism, a good mana accelerator for just two. But the sets bring many other utility cards that hit play in many different ways. For example, Scry spells  are starting to appear here. The ability lets you see over a number decided by Scry of cards on the top of your deck, and decide to keep them or put them in the bottom.

Magma Jet, Serum Visions are rapidly become play staples. On the artifact front, we have three big hitters, of which one of them is literally doing that. Cranial Plating is making the affinity decks so powerful everywhere, giving +X+0 equal to the number of artifacts controlled, which is basically the number of your permanents. Vedalken Shackles, diametrical opposite works as a stable control magic to creatures. You can gain control over a guy with equal power to the number of islands until you untap the artifact back. The last artifact Crucible of Worlds is a three mana ability enabler that lets you replay lands from the graveyard, a big friend of Wasteland, Strip Mine and fetchlands. Outside of any artifact theme, Eternal Witness, the green 2/1 is a Regrowth with feet, able to get back any card at three mana plus a creature.

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