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4th edition


One year after Revised in 1995, the fourth edition was born, keeping the tradition ongoing of reprinting cards from previous sets and from the basic ones. It is the fourth because Alpha and Beta are considered as one, unlimited the second and revised the third. Standing aside from the revised cards, 4th was removed from most of the strongest cards still around in the previous core, such as the then dual lands and it got some random reprint from a set released in that period of time.


Aside from the usual strong ones like Armageddon, a white sorcery that destroys all lands in play, Wrath of God, the basic of creatures removal, Balance, a sorcery that keeps everyone with the same amount of stuff, the set got some good reprints before they disappeared on the passage to fifth two years later. Mishra's Factory and Strip Mine from antiquities are a nice addition, liked by so many people due to the amount of playing they both had before and now.


Sylvan Library and Land Tax from Legends are also a surprising call, as both the enchantments are seeing a lot of playing even up to now. The green Library lets you look at the top three instead of one and keeps one or more, if you pay four life for each of them, while the white Tax gives you up to three basic lands for free in upkeep if your opponent has more than you in play. Both of those are notorious for card advantage and Commander usually has both if playing those colours.

Other cards that never passed through after this set are Mind Twist, a black X spell to discard X random cards, Ivory Tower and Black Vise, two one mana artifacts with opposite abilities, considered too powerful for that cost. Black Vise deals one damage to the opponent for any card more than the fourth in his hand during upkeep, while the Tower with the same criteria makes you gain life points.

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