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Magic the Gathering is a game made for playing with a high social purpose. As long as social purposes are pursued, it creates competition as well and a huge tournament scene has been ongoing since the beginning of the game. But to let people approach the game in a funny and relaxed way, there are a lot of less competitive tournaments made just for introducing the game and for fun.


In this category falls Friday Night Magic, an operation begun in the year 2000. Officially each friday night (but it can happen in afternoon), a shop would host a tournament of an unspecified format that could be either constructed or limited, and to celebrate the occasion, there are special cards to win, made for prizes only, to these specific tournaments. Friday Night Magic (or FNM) are promotional foil cards, mostly between common and uncommons. The value of these ones varies between each other, but as they change every month, they keep having good value ones for the current standard metagame.

Different artwork, foil printing, some old cards got a pretty high value, like Brainstorm or Fire // Ice. People playing these fun oriental tournaments obtain good results and get these cards as a special prize, so the next time they will be more pleased to continue to play and maybe approach bigger events. The value of the cards of the latest expansion set also brings more flavour to the deck itself, and keeping an example of the theros Standard, in december the promo was Sin Collector, a white-black dude that exiles an instant or a sorcery from an opponent's hand, which is played in WB aggro and Esper sideboards. In January 2014, it is coming with Warleader Helix, the bigger brother of Lightning Helix which got more play lately, followed by Elvish Mystic, the new version of Llanowar Elves, friendly with green based decks.

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