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FTV Dragons


Magic the Gathering is a successful game as everyone knows, and time by time it has arrived at its 15th year of existence. To celebrate the event, Wizards released the first of a series of boxes called “From the Vault”. These boxes contain 15 reprinted cards in a holografic foil version, featuring some new illustrations and frame. The first set, other than celebrating the 15th year of the game, is dedicated to the most iconic creature of every fantasy environment: dragons.


FTV Dragons is made entirely around our favourite flying menaces, with creatures and spells. The two non-dragon spells are in reality some really near to those, as one is Form of The Dragon, a red enchantment that turns its controllers into one of them, leaving you at 5 life each turn (gaining or losing, each turns states you will go to five) and deals 5 damage each turn to a target. The second one is Dragonstorm, the storm sorcery that makes you search for a dragon in your library and puts it into play for each of its copies stromed out.

The other cards in specific dragons all come from different sets in time to represent the various incarnations of the game. The oldest one is Shivan Dragon, the Magic dragon for excellence in terms of iconic card, paired with its small brother Dragon Whelp. Then comes Nicol Bolas, the fierce three colour golden one from Legends, Draco from Planeshift, Two-Headed Dragon from Mercadian Masques and some tournament favourites in Bogardan Hellkite from Time Spiral, Kokusho from Champions of Kamigawa, Bladewing the risen from Scourge and Rith, the Awakener from Invasion. Last spots to some flavour ones, rather than power like Hellkite Overlord, are from Shards of Alara, Niv-Mizzet from Ravnica and two reprints from Portal and Starter, respectively Ebon Dragon and Thunder Dragon.

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