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From the Vault: Twenty

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FTV: Twenty


From the Vault of the promo reprint boxes series, it began as a celebration for the 15th MtG anniversary, and year after year, it arrived to celebrate its 20th with a valuable commemorative set and raising the cards to 20, one representing each year of the game. All of them are iconic cards with no need of explanation, and among all, everyone was surprised by one precise choice that Jace, The Mind Sculptor brings up the price and the value of the box so much.


From 1993 to 2012, this was a good example of the history of the game, passing through many different archetypes and it's good to remember why and the date of every single one. 1993 is Dark Ritual, the black mana acceleration for excellence. 1994 is Sword to Plowshares, the best removal ever made. 1995 is Hymn To Tourach, two mana, two discarded cards at random, no cards compared. 1996 is Fyndhorn Elves, the brother of Llanowar ones. 1997 is Impulse, the blue instant draw dominated among controls of that time. 1998 is Wall of Blossom, which represents the Survival/Recurring environment well of that time. 1999 is Thran Dynamo, the age of artifacts and Covetous Dragon.

2000 is Tangle Wire, fading counters and mana denial over all. 2001 is Fact or Fiction, return in full force of big control decks. 2001 is Chainer's Edict, when mono black got its spot as tier one. 2002 is Akroma's Vengeance, the period of cycle going crazy. 2004 is Gilded Lotus, not sure about it, but still a good acceleration. 2005 is Ink-Eyes, a period where ninjas popped out from nowhere. 2006 is Char, the first red serious four mana damage to any target. 2007 is Venser, the bounce creature, Momentary Blink first target among all. 2008 is Chameleon Colossus that dominated the lorwyin environment. 2009 is Cruel Ultimatum, the reason why five colour control was so powerful. In the year 2010, Jace The Mind Sculptur was the most powerful planeswalker ever made. 2011 is Green Sun's Zenith, that alone gave power to many green based strategies back and now. Last but not least, from 2012 Kessig Wolf Run, the land that subtly dominated the standard in many forms. 20 cards in 20 years make a good birthday gift for the best trading card game of the world.

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