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Future Sight


The last set of the Time Spiral set is full of surprises. To keep the time theme one, there are some cards called “futureshifted” that arguably come from possible future sets. They have a different artwork and graphic, and maybe they will be printed (or re printed?) in the future. Surprisingly, all of these cards came out as the best in the whole lot. Starting with creatures, we have Tarmogoyf, the best two drop ever printed and pricey like no one else. Bridge from Below and Narcomoeba are two staple cards in Dredge decks with no other replacement possible, as the bridge makes tokens out of sacrificed creatures and Narcomoeba enters the battlefield for free when it goes from the library to the graveyard. Aven Mindcensor, a white flash flier that doesn’t let you search opponents into libraries outside of the top four, is another played card in many events.

Aside from creatures, an odd land cycle came from the future, as every colour has a different kind of ability. Grove of the Burnwillows and Horizon Canopy are still played, as the Grove is part of the recursion of Punishing Fire and Canopy lets you draw. Funnily Graven Cairns, the most standardized mana producer, is the only one that has a cycle made on its model so far in Shadowmoor and Eventide. Dryad Arbor is another famous land, but an exception in some sort, as it has a creature subtype and can be fetched with Green Sun Zenith and it's definitely played in Legacy. On the common and uncommon side, Tolaria West is a land often used for its transmute ability to compose Urza Land pieces and Yixlid Jailer, which blocks any ability from cards in all graveyard, a common sideboard card in many formats. Last but not least, there is Sword of the Meek, which is an equipment that can go into combination with Thopter Foundry for almost endless lives.

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