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Gatecrash is the second part of the Return to Ravnica set and comes with the last five guilds. Each of the five guilds has its dual land reprint, same as the previous set and a series of unique cards and abilities. Boros has Battalion, a triggered ability on creatures that happens when it attacks together with the other two, Dimir got Cipher, which permits it to attach the played spell to a creature and replay the effect when it deals combat damage. Simic has evolve, which gives a +1/+1 to the creature when anything with higher power or toughness comes into play, Gruul has Bloodrash, which permits you to discard certain creatures as an ability to pump one target attacker and lastly Orzhov has Extort, a triggered effect that can be paid in mana when a spell is played to let any opponent lose one life and get back life equal to the amount dealt.


Each Guild has hybrid cards as well as their own guild master. The set itself brings a lot of high powered cards, with planeswalker Domri Rade on the top, standard superstars like Obzedat, Ghost Council, Aurelia, Warleader and Prime Speaker Zegana. Other cards also became staples of the format, like Boros Reckoner, recognized as the worst nightmare for aggro decks, and the new format defining discover, Nightveil Specter.

Most of the guild charms became played time by time, with Boros Charm, Orzhov Charm and Gruul Charm. The set is also famous for uncommon high leveled cards, Skullcrack, burn spell with a no-life clause attached, and Burning-Tree Emissary, which enabled a lot of hyper aggressive strategy, mostly Naya Blitz in the beginning and powering up Nykthos based devotion decks, red and green ones. At last, common cards this time are represented in level decks with Devour Flesh, a nice black instant edict, and Madcap Skills, the creature aura with makes every drop a dangerous threat.

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