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The second part of the Ravnica story passes through Guildpact. After the first four, the next three guilds before the final ones in Dissension are Izzet, Orzhov and Gruul. Dual lands here, Steam Vents, Godless Shrine and Stomping Ground as expected, and their Signet plus the common land cycle. Going deeply into guilds, Izzet is the first that pops up to the eye, red and blue, dominated by a dragon, Niv Mizzet, a 4/4 flying Dragon, which is a card that through its ability does an infinite damage combo with Curiosity if enchanted. The guild ability Replicate lets you copy specific spells each time you pay their cost, and Shattering Spree, an artifact destroyer for one red mana, like Gigadrowse, a permanent tapper lets you do the same with blue mana, but instead of destroying artifacts, it taps permanents as instant, both cards acclaimed in tournament scene.


Electrolyze is also a guild card that saw plenty of playing as an instant that deals 2 damage divided and draws a card for three. Orzhov, the white black guild, finds Angel of Despair as a good representative. The 5/5 angel has a Vindicate built in and it's a good target for reanimating. The mechanic Haunt, an ability that plays a spell one time, then haunts a creature and replayed when it dies is well developed, and cards like Cry of Contrition, a discard spell, and Seize the Soul are well played.

Orzhov Pontiff is another haunt card, but as a creature it has a different effectiveness. Gruul the last one is the red green one, devoted to senseless aggro, fatty creatures and so on. Rumbling Slum, a four mana 5/5 is a perfect example, and Burning Tree Shaman, a 3 / 4 creature that deals 1 damage for each activated ability. Outside of the guild, we have to notice the enchantment cycle called Leylines. They can be played for free if in its initial hand and some of those, like the black one, Leyline of the Void, removes all the cards in the opponent's graveyard and it is highly used against Dredge decks or similar.

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