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To promote the game in terms of a new breed of people coming in, in 1999 Wizards and DCI created the Guru program. The program consisted of giving it to each player who required a Guru kit, with a special magic like-name card and various manuals, and in exchange he will promote the game, bringing new players or new gurus inside the game. The promotional cards rewarded in this way are famous and now super expensive Guru Basic Lands. Each of them were given to the gurus after 10 points, gained through bring in new player, one point, or by convincing another player to become a guru, which gives each of them 5 points.


Each time the Guru reached ten, he would get a random land and a booster of the latest set. Even though the land was chosen at random, the program kept track of which one was given in order to get each set 50 points. The lands given with this operation were highly appreciated. All of them feature an original illustration by Therese Nielsen, with two sides, one night and one day, and the sun phases over the sky. This kind of illustration made them unique and easy to distinguish between the others, and being not so easy to acquire, it grants them an uniqueness equal to no other promotional land.

However, just like many other promotional programs, Guru was discontinued in 2001, as it seemed that so many people were trying to be gurus around just to get the promotion and not for the sake of bringing in new players. What we know now is that these lands are still around somewhere, beautiful to look at and really expensive in terms of price and rarity. But if you show up in a tournament with a monocoloured deck featuring all guru Island, the show is on.

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