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Printed during the Alliances and Ice Age period, Homelands is a story by itself. Probably the worst ever set in the Magic history to be printed, it has a quantity of six cards that can be considered playable, and only two have a real utilization around. One of the lesser kind of the pack is Ihsan's Shade, a 5/5 black creature that costs six that is nothing special so far, but having protection from white at that time made some kind of sense. With Sword to Plowshares and Exile being the most used removals outside of black ones, its colour and its specific protection made it playable for some time at the time.


The second one is Serrated Arrows. The four mana artifact enters with three counters and when tapped, it gives one of them as -1/-1 to a creature permanently. Then Spectral Bears, a two mana 3/3 for that time was something remarkable and not able to be untapped if the opponent had some black permanent wasn't that bad. The last creature is Sea Sprite, a 1/1 blue flier with two, with protection from red, usually good as a blocker.

The only two valuable ones are Memory Lapse, a counterspell that puts the card back on the top instead of the graveyard, and Merchant Scroll, a tutor for instant and sorceries. The two blue cards are played in tournaments so far, and are considered as strong ones, something strange from this set. The rest of the cards are just a bunch of random overcosted critters, pointless spells, bad mana fixing lands and cards unmentionable for being so terrible that they are probably being thrown away in the garbage directly. Not even the famous Baron Sengir, his Grandmother and other parts of the family justify this set, made of crap cards and hideous illustrations.

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