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Magic the Gathering as a social game started to grow soon after its release in the way of gathering of players, and then tournaments. For this purpose was created the league called “Duelists' Convocation International”, usually known as DCI. This league organizes and manages tournaments all around the world, from small events for shops to magic World Championship and Pro Tour.


But like every competition, the game needs some arbiters. In this way, they let people train to become a judge, and then give rules and management for local tournaments and so on. The judges’ skills vary from level to level, starting from a basic Level 1 arriving to the huge level 5. But as far the game goes, most of them are doing it for free and DCI gives them a different form of reward, which started with giving away special promotional cards depending on the number of tournaments attended and judged. As it started since 1998, the so-called Judge Promos are usually good chased rares or even some old goodness, as they usually follow the trend decks the moment they are printed. All the cards were originally with the same frame and artwork, but foil and a changed logo from the expansion one to a DCI one.

Later in years, the promo started to appear with different arts to make them more chased around. The first three in 1998, for example, are Lightning Bolt, Stroke of Genius and Gaea's Cradle. Aside from the underplayed Stroke, the other two are the most expensive versions ever printed of the card, with a 99 dollars Lightning Bolt, more than Beta edition, and a 349 Gaea's Cradle. The tradition of judge promos and its legendary cost continue since then, passing through iconic cards like Intuition, Vampiric Tutor, Oath of Druids, Yawgmoth's Will, Vindicate and many more, arriving to a surprising reprint of Karakas due to its late Legacy fame. 

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