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As the third set of Odissey, Judgement deals with the game in some weird way. The first cards that caught attention were the Wishes. The wishes are cards that can tutor other specific kinds of spells outside of the game and use them. Theoretically any card from the binder can be taken and played, but in tournament this is restricted to sideboard and exile zone, which is still a powerful choice. Burning Wish (sorceries) and Living Wish (creatures) are played on a regular basis for the two mana cheap cost and the effect, and most among those Cunning Wish, the blue one which costs three but is an instant and gets, well, instants. The blue got many applications in singletons sideboard for utility spells and counters, especially in terms of getting Orim's Chant and imprinting it under Isochron Scepter.


Other strange cards are the incarnations. Anger, Wonder, Filth, Brawn and Valor each need their specific colour basic lands, of which being in the graveyard grants an ability to creatures in play. Flight and Haste, blue and red, are probably the most commonly used among all. Talking about color pie, white and green seem to be the two strongest colours, and cards like Genesis, an incarnation style creature that paying 3 mana makes you take back any creature, Solitary Confinement, an enchantment that blocks damage to you until it stays in play, and Anurid Brushopper, a ¾ that evades most targets. Most of all there is Mirari's Wake, an enchantment that gives +1/+1 and doubles your mana, which are enough to testify.

The flashback spells of the set are also good enough for strength, and mainly useful like Cabal Therapy, a discard all the named card, Quiet Speculations, which searches for other flashback spells and puts them into the graveyard, and Lava Spike, a burn spell for one damage that can be flashbacked sacrificing a mountain, useful more than usual for killing mana dudes.

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