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Legends is the third set of magic history, but it's the first one that introduces new kinds of permanents and cards - Legendary permanents and multicolored cards, and introduction of minor abilities like rampage and banding. Opposite from Arabian Nights and Anquities, the set is a new lot of cards with a huge number of 301, all brand new. It's also the first set which got a foreign printing in Italian.


However, Legends was not that famous for huge power levels but more for its flavour, with many large creatures noticeably high in mana cost rather than stats and abilities. Some of them are still funny to play like the Elder Dragons, a cycle of five flying beast costing eight mana of three different colours with impactful abilities. Nicol Bolas, the most famous one that when it touches someone it makes him or her discard the entire hand, and due to its fanciness, it is timeshifted in Time Spiral and has a Planeswalker version as well.

Legends is famous for some anti creature cards that are considered a staple in many legacy and commander decks, like Moat, a white enchantment that avoids all non-flight creatures to attack, Tabernacle at Pendrell's Vale, a land that gives a maintenance cost of one to each creature in play and The Abyss, a black enchantment that forces players to sacrifice one creature to each player during the upkeep. Aside from these, what is really considered the most powerful and famous one is Mana Drain. The blue counterspell costs the same as the basic one, two blue, but gives you an amount of colorless mana equal to the countered spell cost on the next main phase, and is considered the strongest one with Force of Will. Other famous ones are Karakas, a white land that bounces legends back, Chain Lightning, a sorcery lightning bolt, and Mirror Universe, an artifact able to switch life points.

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