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Legions, the second set after Onslaught is quite weird. On the theme of big fights and huge battles, the set has no other cards than creatures. All creatures spell from the first to the last, and all led by superstar Akroma, Angel of Wrath. The 6/6 Angel has haste, protection from black and red, trample, vigilance and first strike, a true limousine of killing. Behind her ARE some good cards, most of them with morph, like Bane of the Living, a black creature that morphs out by paying two black and X to give -X/-X to all creatures in play, itself included.


Some interesting cards are the Muses, one of each colour - they have different abilities, some with tribal attitude, like Graveborn Muse, the black one that makes you draw X and lose X equal to the number of Zombies you control. The white one that works like a Propaganda and the green one that makes you untap all the permanents in other players upkeep. Speaking of utility creatures, Caller of the Claw, a 2/2 flash dude that creates tokens equal to the number of creatures dead that turn, turned out to be a useful tool against mass removals in many aggro decks, and Clickslither, a 3/3 haste is a good companion of goblins, as it gets +2/+2 and tramples each time one is sacrificed to his belly

Krosan Cloudscraper is a 13/13 massive beast, that instead of hitting play is more famous for being removed in favour of a gigantic Sutured Ghoul. On the uncommon front, some good selections on the reprinting of White Knight, Withered Wretch, a 2/2 zombie that can exile any card in any graveyard paying one colorless and Gempalm INcinerator, a good goblin that when cycled can deal damage equal to the number of goblins controlled.

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