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Alpha and Beta, the first two sets of Magic, can actually be considered as the same one, as Beta was an errata update of Alpha. But after the huge unexpected success of Alpha, Beta was multiplied by three times in print run, and due to some decisions or printing errors, the corners of the cards became less rounded and more similar to the ones we’re familiar with now. Beta then became the base level for all the black bordered Power Nine cards, including Black Lotus, the Moxes, Ancestral Recall, Timetwister and Time Walk.


Due to their round corners, the Alpha cards are not suitable for tournaments, leaving the task of being the earliest Vintage set with black border to Beta. Differences between the two sets are also included in some errata updates in minor cards. Beta, after the huge impact of Alpha, further boosted the growth of the game’s fame as well as the high monetary value of singles. One of the recent Black Lotus sellings on ebay was sold for 27,000 dollars, for a high rate of 9.5 out of 10, and this is something totally unexpected when the game was released. After Alpha, the developers of the game expected the cards would be chased, but just to a limited extent, with a forecast of just about 50 dollars each.


Since then, Beta has become a fetish of players all around the world, who try to collect and use cards in the version if possible, including the basic lands. The black border and the dark printing in a pure vintage style have made the Beta set a good wine or an aged scotch. The huge value has even led to some official proxy called Collector’s Edition, as no one really wants to play those cards at the risks of losing them or having them stolen in tournaments. After twenty years, Limited Edition Beta still remains in the fantasy of players in the world.

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