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Lorwyn is a tribal themed set, first of a double set of two expansions each, the first part being day and the second one being night. The tribes are determined by creature types, and Kithkin, Faeries, Goblin and Elves are the main ones, and other minor subtypes are represented with less importance. In this vein, some instant and sorceries got the subtype tribal, as they can make triggers for that kind happen as well.


Other new abilities presented are Changeling, which grants a creature, instant or sorcery any kind of type, getting bonuses and maluses from everything. However, the first impression of the set are the new cards called Planeswalkers. Ajani, Jace, Liliana, Garruk and Chandra are in their first versions ever, and they changed the way magic is played in some way. The same goes for the Command cycle, all playable and stronger cards with two effects to choose out of four. Cryptic Command, the blue one, rapidly became one of the best counterspells plus effect cards in blue.

After the Commands comes Thoughtseize, the single discard spells considered one of the best ever printed, if not the one, considered a chase rare since its printing. Passing through the lands, there are some tribal duals, like the elf's green black Gilt-Leaf Palace and blue black faeries's Secluded Glen, and the second cycle is the hideaway ones. Hideaway lands have an ability that makes them remove one of the top four cards and hide it in the bottom - if a certain condition is reached, they can be activated and play the spell for free. The white one Windbrisk Heights, that requires three attacking creatures, and the red Spinerock Knoll, that requires 7 damage dealt the same turn, were commonly played in weenie decks and storm red decks. Outside of the lot, some Vintage and Legacy cards like Gaddok Teeg, a powerful spell blocker and Thorn of Amethist, an artifact that makes spells cost 1 more are used by MUD decks.

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