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The yearly appointment for the basic set, half reprint – half new, this time it brings a lot of new blood to the game. The set saw the return of Slivers, a long time appreciated tribe, and also addictions from the Commander Set. Between reprints and brand new stuff, this time the set has a huge impact on the standard metagame and each of the colours have a good number of cards that become a must buy. Starting from white, notable mentions are Fiendslayer Paladin and Archangel of Thune. The paladin went directly into control sideboards and wheenie builds, while Archangel of Thune became a part of Melira Pod in Modern instantly, due to its connection with Spike Feeder to get infinite life, outside of the Melira combo. Notable reprints are Ajani, Caller of the Pride and Brave the Elements that made white weenie come back in power.


Blue went a bit underpowered this time, with a notable mention of the new Tidebinder Mage and the reprint of Jace, Memory Adept. Black got some nice tool creature, added directly in many builds like Shadowborn Demon, a huge flier with a destroy target creature ability built in, Lifebane Zombie, another creature hitter, but directly from opponent's hands and Xathrid Necromancer, a control fighting creature which makes zombies out of dead humans. Doom Blade was also a reprint that made many players happier and to raise up the removal power level.

As a punishment colour, this time Red got more edge on the control side. Starting from Burning Earth, to keep control decks full of nonbasic out of range, Young Pyromancer, a small beater to get 1/1 tokens out of spells and the new reincarnation of Chandra, the red planeswalker, this time finally with a high power level to hit tournament plays. So far Green is the strongest colour in terms of new breed. Three high level impact cards like Kalonian Hydra, a must kill or die creature, Primeval Bounty, a poweful multi tool enchantment and the new version of Garruk, which even at 6 mana has seen a lot of plays for the sheer power of the abilities. Green has also seen the first commander reprint, Scavenging Ooze, after a high request by players. Mutavault, no presentation needed, was the new addiction for the land side and it got a ton of playing already, with no surprise of anyone.

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